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Cloud-based backups require both a high level of security and a fast data transmission rate to be trustworthy and attractive. airbackup offers your company both requirements wrapped up in a browser-based intuitive interface. There is no limit in the number of servers and workstations you can back up, and you can choose to have synchronized local and online backups of all your data in one single operation. From specific files and folders to Network shares, and from Exchange accounts to MySQL and MS SQL data, airbackup can store all your data online in a fast and secure way.

On the security side, airbackup offers three encryption layers for extra protection. First, you will be given a private encryption code, then a 256-bit AES encryption will be applied to your data on the client side right before being transferred, and finally, a 128-bit SSL encryption will also be used to make end-to-end data transfer even more secure.

When it comes to transmission speed, this backup utility offers you various features that not only speeds up high-volume data transfers but also saves you connection time and bandwidth use. Files that haven’t been modified since the previous backup are considered duplicates and therefore ignored, and only those data blocks that have suffered modification are actually sent when updating previous backups. Additionally, data is heavily compressed before transmission starts, thus saving connection time and storage space. You will benefit from this efficient compression rate when using the program’s Local SpeedKick function. This tool will let you back up all your data both locally and online in one single operation. Data will remain synced at all times, while taking up the minimum local storage space possible. This hybrid backup solution not only doubles up security, but it also allows for fast restore processes via your local copy.

Transmission speeds can also be tailored to fit your needs and to avoid bandwidth throttling. You can define how much of your bandwidth will be devoted to backup and restore processes so that it does not interfere with your normal work. Alternatively, you can design different bandwidth usage settings for workdays and weekends, as well as for different times of the day. As with bandwidth use, you can also schedule automatic backup processes to take place at specific times and days, and as frequently as required, using the program’s Backup Schedule option. Additionally, you can add scripts to your backup plans, whose commands will be executed once the backup procedure has finished, though pre-backup scripts are also an option.

Finally, system administrators will find the program’s reports and its management tool quite useful. The former will keep you informed about all the backup and restore processes that have been launched in a given period of time, with detailed information about each of the operations and of whatever errors may have occurred. The latter, airbackup Manager, will let you organize your servers and workstations either by device or by group – Marketing, Sales, Product management, etc. – and have up-to-date information about the different operations performed on each device and group.

Be it for its highly secure encryption systems, its data transmission speed, its high level of customization, or all of the above, airbackup is a comprehensive, professional, and reliable online backup tool that offers companies and system administrators all the tools they need to keep their data secure while easily accessible.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Browser-based interface
  • Clear and intuitive set of options
  • Backs up Exchange accounts, MS SQL, and MySQL data
  • Allows you to schedule your backups
  • Synchronized local and online backups
  • High-end compression technology to save Cloud space and transmission time
  • Triple encryption for extra security


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